Executive Committee

Mr. PHENG Raksa, Chief Executive Officer, Team Leader



Raksa started his career with Chamroeun as a Chief Operating Officer late 2011 where he was appointed to manage all tasks and activities in relation to operations, research and development, marketing and communication, socio-economic services, and social performance. In November 2015, from BoD's decision, he was appointed to be the Chief Executive Officer. Raksa has over 15 years of experience in microfinance in various aspects within business functions of key microfinance practitioners. He holds a Master Degree majoring in Management and also holds a BBA specializing in Marketing. As well, he has also engaged in various training courses, workshops, seminars, and conferences within and outside of Cambodia as such Italy, France, Phillipines, China, India, Sri Lankar, and Viet Nam. He is also serving as a Board member of Chamroeun Staff Asociation (CSA), one of Chamroeun's shareholders, since September 2015 and Board member of Chamroeun Foundation Association (CFA) since January 2012 as well as an Editorial Board member of Life and Finance program of Cambodia Microfinance Institute (CMI). Besides, from April 2013 to July 2015, he has also served a Chair of Social Performance Management Club of Cambodia Microfinance Association (CMA). 

 Mr. LY BUNRITH, Chief Operating Officer, Member


 BUNRITH has been working as a specialist trainer, holding a position of training and development manager, credit and recovery manager and operation manager for more than 13 years for a big famous licensed microfinance institution and a leading leasing company in Cambodia. BUNRITH is skillful in microfinance operation and staff management while he usually bases on his past working experiences as the field staff, plus right theories to compliment his training, operating, and managing decision to produce the most satisfactory outputs. He gained master degree in majoring of Management, while he is holding bachelor degree in Human Resource Management. He also has associate degree in English Teaching Methodology since 2001. BUNRITH has been through many formal and informal training courses and workshops locally and internationally such as in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Japan. BUNRITH has provided many training courses and facilitated many workshops for all staff in the microfinance institution, staff of NGO partners locally and internationally such as Vietnam with a lot of appreciation from participants and partners.

Ms. WONG Somaly, Chief Internal Auditor, Observer

Somaly started her career with Chamroeun as System Administrator and Internal Auditor in 2007. She became Internal Audit Manager in 2010, and was promoted to Chief Internal Auditor in 2011. She manages all audit tasks and duties on operational, financial, and information technology aspects. She has previously worked in various fields such as administration, credit, and information technology from 1997 to 2007. Currently, Somaly is an MBA candidate majoring in Finance and Banking at Phnom Penh International University and also holds a Bachelor of Computer Sciences.

Ms. ATH Phearun, Chief Financial Officer, Member

Phearun started her career with Chamroeun Microfinance Limited as a Head of Finance Department in late 2013 and moved to the role of Acting Chief Financial Officer in August 2014. She manages all tasks and activities in relation to finance and accounting. She had four years of experience with an international well-known accounting and auditing firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Currently, Phearun is pursuing an ACCA at CamEd Business School. She holds two Bachelor degrees specializing in Eco-Business at National University of Management (NUM) and Finance & Banking at University of Cambodia (UC). She has also attendedseveral training courses, seminars, and workshops (internal and external) related to her roles and responsibilities.