Our “Partners” are the clients who use our services; we work closely with them to achieve their objectives. At Chamroeun, we are committed to provide the most convenience and accessible services to our partners. Our guiding principle is to be asocial microfinance institution which works to ensure that both Chamroeun and partners are successful together. We not only provide our partners with financial services, but also non-financial services so both the partners and their family members are protected by us. 84% of our partners were female.

Who Chamroeun Work For

Our target partners are active poor individuals and communities, particularly those in urban and sub-urban areas that are excluded from formal financial services. In order to serve more partners, Chamroeun has significantly expanded to areas where there is the most demand for financial services. We wish to be able to grow further to support those who are especially vulnerable people, in particular women and children.

Chamroeun Principles  All of our work is underpinned by three comprehensive principles:

 -  We believe in a sense of partnership which makes sure that both Chamroeun and our partners grow together with prosperity in a sustainable fashion.

-   We work to serve the communities where we work and live to support those who need a helping hand

-   Our partners’ challenges are our challenges and we face these challenges together.

Our Partners’ Voice

We appreciate the positive feedback we receive from our partners who have experienced Chamroeun’s services and products. With Chamroeun, partners have the right to raise their questions or concerns about our products and services. We undertake customer satisfaction surveys annually and use the results to enhance our service levels and to tailor our product offerings. Our customer complaint channel is currently being update so that it is best fit to serve and protect our partners.

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