Partner Protection


Chamroeun’s products and services have been designed with reference to the principles of Partner Protection developed by Smart Campaign as CPP (Client Protection Principles). This is to ensure the transparent of provision of services to our partners in order to ensure that our partners are fully protected.  In order to comply with these core principles, Chamroeun has the following provisions in place:

1.    Product Advancement

Chamroeun’s products are designed to serve the active poor and very poor people in urban and sub-urban areas. Specific financial products have been tailored to suit different groups of partners with various circumstances and needs.

2.    Prevention of Over-indebtedness

The loan assessment methods of Chamroeun’s staff, especially LOs, are to determine each partner’s capacity to repay their loan. This particular includes investigation before they are granted a loan about any existing debts they might have with other financial agents.

Over indebtedness is on Chamroeun’s social training list as a topic to provide to our partners with more information about. Chamroeun is dedicating to preventing over-indebtedness and we believe this is directly related to acting in a responsible manner as a business.

3.    Transparency of Information

All the terms and conditions about each product are at the top of the information provided to our partners during their assessment and disbursement at our branches. This is to make sure that partners understand about our products and make a clear decision.

4.    A Sense of Partnership

With the long-term growth, Chamroeun has set a low interest rate which complies with our slogan of Partner for Success. This is to insure the sustainable development of Chamroeun and partners.

5.    Unique Principles for Our Partners

Chamroeun has developed its own rulesabout the treatment internal and external partners by all front-line staff and back office staff. We treat our partners fairly without discrimination.

6.    Privacy of Our Partners

Chamroeun has a code of conduct to keep partners’ information private, in compliance with laws and regulations. Any information published aboutour partners must be with their consent.

7.    Complaint Handling Technique

The Chamroeun team is working to update its processes and techniques for handling partner complaints. This new system will enhance our partners’ voices so that we can gain more information about our products and services from them.