1. Entrepreneur du Monde

Entrepreneurs du Monde works in developing countries to help the most impoverished families launch or develop small businesses and improve their living conditions through social microfinance and social entrepreneurship. Today, Entrepreneurs du Monde is one of Chamroeun’s main shareholders and brings technical support in various aspects to the institution as a partner organization.


2. Microfinance Solidare

Microfinance Solidaire was created by Entrepreneurs du Monde in 2010 as an investment vehicle for emerging social microfinance organizations that need loan capital to upscale their activities, to serve more partners/ clients. Microfinance Solidaire entered the capital of Chamroeun Microfinance Institution in July 2010.


3. Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation

Grameen Credit Agricole Microfinance Foundation was founded in 2008 by CréditAgricole SA in partnership with 2006 Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus and Grameen Trust. It has adopted the values            of its founders and puts their commitment into practice by supporting the development of microfinance institutions and facilitating the emergence of “social businesses” in developing countries. It offers microfinance institutions a complete range of financing products and services in a spirit of partnership. It targets institutions adhering to best governance, transparency, and consumer protection practices. It focuses primarily on microfinance institutions dedicated to agriculture and rural development as well as those specifically intended for women. As a non-profit organization, the GrameenCréditAgricole Microfinance Foundation conducts its activities in a manner that allows it to preserve the €50 million endowment contributed by its founders. Presently, it also lends loan fund to Chamroeun.


4. Chamroeun Staff Association

Chamroeun Staff Association was established and registered in September 2011 with the aim of promoting sense of ownership amongst Chamroeun’s management and staff.


5. Mr. Humbert Garreau de Labarre

Mr.Garreau de Labarre invested in Chamroeunin February 2009 as one of   the founding shareholders when it registered as a private company. He has extensive experience in the banking sector and has been actively involved as a board member of the institution until early 2012.


6. Ms. Sophie Dulac

Ms. Sophie Dulac has been Vice President of PublicisGroupe S.A. since 1999.   Shebegan her career as the founder and managing director of a recruitment counselling company and has been the Chair of the movie-theatre company Les Ecrans de Paris since 2001. She also manages Sophie Dulac Productions (film production) and Sophie Dulac Distribution (film distribution). Ms.Dulachas been president of the Champs Elyséesfilm festival since 2012.