What Make Us Different

Why should you be a partner with Chamroeun?

Because we are different from others. 

Our Logo and Color Philosophy

“In​​ colour psychology, PINK is a sign of hope. It is a positive colour inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay." In Chamroeun, Pink is the colour of compassion, nurturing and love. It also represents​​ the colour of the lotus flower which is Chamroeun's symbol. While the lotus flower represents a symbol of fortune in Buddhism, a common religion in Cambodia, it symbolizes the struggle and strength in Chamroeun. The lotus grows in mud and can grow as high as the river rises.But when the river goes down, the lotus flowers stand still, grow and blossom. The growth nature of lotus flowers represents the strength to achieve enlightenment despite challenging situations. 




OUR LOGO (Big logo and slogans) Chamroeun Microfinance Institution’s logo was symbolized in a circle shape, written in white colour on apink background Khmer word “ចំរើន” represent as “Progress” in English and 13 polka dots.

           : To build partners’ business foundation and to improve their living conditions
PINK COLOR        : To present feeling of caring, tenderness, self-worth, love, and acceptance
WHITE COLOR     : To present the transparency and honesty for Chamroeun’s services
ROUND CIRCLE    : To present the unity in development
CHAMROEUN        : To ensure sustainability between Chamroeun and partners


Our Business Orientation 

 -       Business orientation (methodologies, business model, and products/ services) designed to fit with those who are in urban

         and semi-urban areas; 

-       Enable environment for vulnerable and poorest of the poor to access to financial services: small loan size adapted to their

        small business contexts;

-       Higher financial inclusion within Phnom Penh areas compared to peers;

-       Lowest average loan portfolio with the industry, about 14% of GNI per capita;

-       Financial services complemented by a wide range of socio-economic services through parallel approach;

-      Maximization of social impacts: no dividend distribution, decrease of product pricing, and product diversification to address


-       Having a specific foundation as an integrated arm for other development aspects.