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Disaster Response

Disaster Response

“We cannot eliminate the threats, but we create plans to reduce the impacts of disasters on our partners”.

Chamroeun, working towards the same mission as CFA to assist when our partners face disasters, has come up with ways to support our partners tackle these challenges when they occur. CFA works closely with Chamroeun’s branches and partners to understand their problems and to work to mitigate misfortunes on time if and when they do occur. CFA has assigned funds to contribute to Chamroeun’s partners to reduce their distress during times of disaster. Chamroeun supports partners through times of disaster with allowances such as loan repayment grace periods and also can provide packaged of funds.

  1. CFA has a specific plan to cooperate with development NGOs to support partners who face natural disasters including floods and fires with package funds intended to mitigate the impact of such a disaster.
  2. Chamroeun also provides a helping hand to partners who face misfortune within their family, like house fires, by giving then grace periods for their loan repayment which puts them under lesspressure during difficult times.