Environmental Mission


 Chamroeun seeks to operate ethically with respect to both the communities we serve and the environments we operate within.

Our Environmental Mission detailed below includes a range of activities and guidelines across which are applicable across the business. We focus on long-term development with environmental and social protection. We have designed working processeswhich are practical and actionable:

1.    Loan Assessments

At Chamroeun, loans for activities that have the potential to cause environmental harmare treated very seriously and investigated by our LOs (Loan Officers). Loans for purposes that are deemed to be harmful to the environment are prohibited.

2.    Product Advancement Supporting Environmental Protection

The Clean Energy Loan is one of the products which have the clear objective of reducing energy consumption and replacing traditional methods with clean energy solutions such as solar kits and efficient stoves. This product was developed under the “Access to Clean Energy Program”, funded by the Frankfurt School in collaboration with United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).

3.    Environmental Protection Training

CFA provides environmental training to Chamroeun’s partners. Waste management is one of the topics that we have covered in our training programs, and it is actively support by our Community Facilitator.

Save Energy Savethe Earth

Inefficient use of electronic equipment in the work place has a major environmental impact. As such, at Chamroeun we place a strong emphasison ensure this does not happen – including training for all of our management and staff.

We encourage our staff not to guzzle energy during work, break time, or after office hours. We are committed to making real changes to help the environment.

 “Help Keeping Our Planet Green”