Head of Department

Ms. MORN Chantha, Senior Head of Finance & Admin

Ms. Chantha has been with Chamroeun for more than ten years. She has held various positions including Branch Officer, Accountant, Financial Unit Manager, and Senior Head of Finance and Administrative. She holds a Masters Degree in the field of Financial Management from Royal University of Law and Economics, a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Banking from Build Bright University and an Association Degree of English Literature from the Management University of Cambodia.  She has also attended many courses related to accounting and finance for microfinance institutions across the topics of strategic planning, financial risk management, taxation, and internal auditing, assets and liability management and more.


Mr. HAK Norin, Head of Marketing and Social Performance

Mr. Norin holds a Masters Degree in Administration from Norton University and a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Economics from the Royal University of Agriculture. He has also attended numerous practical training programs such as sales management, marketing, customer service, research, and product development from both local and international organizations. Before joining Chamroeun, he had over five years of experience with other MFIs. He started with Chamroeun in 2013 as a research unit manager and was promoted to be head of the department in 2015.



Mr. LENG Chandy, Head of Information Technology 

Mr. Chandy joined Chamroeun in February 2015, as head of information technology. Before joining Chamroeun, Chandy spent more than six years’ at a large MFI as a senior programmer and was then promoted to be information technology manager at the end of 2014. He holds two Bachelors Degrees in Mathematics in 2008 and Computer Science and Engineering in 2009 from the Royal University of Phnom Penh.



Mr. IAR Sam On, Head of Internal Audit

Mr. Sam On joined with Chamroeun as Head of Internal Audit in November 2017. He previously held positions for almost 10 years in the financial sector as a teller and loan officer before he moved to work as an internal auditor in 2013, then as senior internal auditor, and internal audit unit manager. He holds a BBA of Banking and Finance since 2010, and an MBA majoring in Accounting and finance in 2015.


Mrs. MOM Morokoth, Head of Human Resources

Mrs. Morokoth holds two Bachelor's Degrees in the fields of Finance and Banking in 2008 and English Literature in 2010. She also holds a Masters Degree majoring in Business Administration in 2012 from Norton University. Morokoth and has more than seven years’ experience working in HR with a large microfinance organization and with other sectors. She joined Chamroeun in June 2018 as head of HR.



Mr. Paul SURREAUX, Head of credit+

Mr. Paul holds a Masters Degree from the European Microfinance Program at the Université Libre de Bruxelles acquired after completing undergraduate studies in Management and Finance. Since them, he has been working for a Luxembourgish NGO, ADA, performing different roles over the years since 2009. At ADA, he has worked as investment officer, but also conducted various trainings in Key Performance Indicators in microfinance and risk management in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Apart from these core specialties Paul has contributed to the design of financial products for vulnerable populations such as a start-up loans for youth (Western Africa) and for People with Disabilities (Myanmar). He joined Chamroeun in January 2019 to develop a Credit Plus range of products and services.



Mr. HAI Darom, Head of Operation

Mr. Darom has been working at Chamroeun for more than 10 years working as a credit officer, internal audit officer, chief loan officer, branch manager, regional manager, deputy head of operations, operation manager, and he was then promoted to be head of operation department in January 2019. Darom holds a Bachelors Degree from the Economic and Financial Institution at the Ministry of Economy, majoring in Business Accounting and Finance. He has also attended numerous training courses internally and externally related to administration management, marketing and communication skills, facilitating skills, HR management skills, and operation management and leadership.


Mrs. MENG Sothida, Head of Treasury

Mrs. Sothida started working with Chamroeun in September 2019, as head of the treasury department. She has spent more than 10 years in the financial sector holding many positions at PRASAC Microfinance. She has also attended many training courses and workshops relevant to her skill set.

She holds a Bachelors Degree in Finance and Banking in 2005 and a Masters Degree in Finance in late 2009 at the National University of Management, she is now pursuing an ACCA at CamEd Business School.