Micro Insurance


 The current and targeted partners of Chamroeun are the poor households in Cambodia who are not able to access to a formal financial services. We are actively support and protect them through our social and financial services, and more than that we believe that a formal healthcare is crucial for them to secure themselves from serious illness and unexpected calamity in their family. 

  From these reasons Chamroeun strongly supported its Foundation (Chamroeun Foundation Association, “CFA”) in the initiative to introduce a health and life micro-insurance scheme under a partnership with PRÉVOIR (KAMPUCHEA) MICRO-LIFE INSURANCE PLC., to its partners as a part of helping them mitigate risks and manage shocks since early 2013. This agreement has been extended to prolong the secure to our partners and their household’s members. Take part to this scheme, a partner or his or her household member is only paying a small amount of the premium which is approximately about USD 0.65 per month to cover the hospitalization, accidental disability, and death.