Partner Profile

Mrs. SENG Touch, 55 Year-Old, Silk Weaver

Kbal Koh Village, Koh Dach Commune, Chroy Changva District, Phnom Penh, grocery seller

Touch is a widow with one son. She lives in Koh Dach Commune where she was born, a silk-weaving area on the outskirts of Phnom Penh. She started doing this business about 16 years ago – it is her traditional family business. Prior to getting loans from Chamroeun, her craft was regularly in shortage of materials and resource, slowing down her productivity, and reducing the number of silk fabrics she could make. Now she can produce more as she has enough money to purchase silk from suppliers and she has further built two new weaving looms. “It is much better for me and my family after several cycles of loan from Chamroeun. With the latest amount of KHR 3 Million we are able to expand this business by increasing the number of weaving looms. I have gained more income, Thanks Chamroeun for giving me capital to build up a better craft” Touch said.



Mrs. SAO Sophorn, 38 Year-Old, Mushroom Grower


Praek Run Village, Preaek Koy Commune,  Sa Ang District, Kandal Province

Seeing there was an opportunity for good sales of mushrooms in the market, Sophorn and her sister decided to shift from vegetable farming to growing oyster mushrooms. This proved to be true and to-date, all of her daily harvests were purchased by wholesalers. She supplies between 80-100 kg of oyster mushroom on a daily basis.

Sophorn learnt techniques and bought raw materials and a packaging machine from Thailand. “Mushroom farming may look easy, but it takes a long process and hard work goes into it.” Says Sophorn. 

Sophorn is a sixth cycle partner of Chamroeun. With the latest loan of 3 million riel, she was able to increase her production and distribution capacity. “I am happy with loans from Chamroeun as they support my business and family growth. Our farm is getting bigger and we also plan to grow paddy straw mushroom. Thank you Chamroeun who initially provided me group loans and now individual loans.” Sophorn said.



Mr. Peng Heang,Grocery Seller

Praek Toal Village, Kaoh Chiveang,  Aek Phnum, BATTAMBANG 

Thyda is a mother of three daughters. After her husband passed away, the burden of looking after the whole

Seeing the lack access to formal financial service in this floating area which is also well-known ecotourism site called Praek Toal, Chamroeun starts operate in this new area in order to provide formal financial services to the villagers. Totally there are about 2,000 households; who live on the river in Praek Toal Village, Kaoh Chiveang, Aek Phnum, BATTAMBANG; operates by Puok Branch. Chamroeun provides group lending to partners in this area who have financial demand to increase and start up their business activities. The vast majority of households relied on fishing or related business activities. Mrs. LUOM Srey Heang is one among hundreds of partner who have taken loans from Chamroeun with the group loan of five members. "With this first loan of 1.3 Million Riel, I am able to buy more products for my grocery store in order to supply people in this area beside I also bought new fishing net for my husband. Prior Chamroeun entering in this area, we are normally got loans from money lenders in this village with the high interest rate. As Heang mentioned.

Chamroeun is strongly believed that our present would bring these floating villagers positively growth by accessing to affordable financial services plus additional non-financial services.