Social Training

It is a major goal of Chamroeun to improve the living standards of those from poor households in Cambodia. In order to respond to the need of partners, Chamroeun has designed training course, across several topics, for our partners including: social training, skill training, and social counselling.

  • More than just financial literacy, Chamroeun also delivered social training on several topics such as domestic violence, health care, nutrition, the danger of drugs, and environmental protection.
  • To make the training more efficient and respond to the current social issues faced by our partners and the communities as a whole, the social training modules were updated and tested in 2014.
  • Skill training sessions were offered to our partners whom they could take part in on a voluntary basis; a small fee was charged. They covered topics such as cooking, fruit carving, artificial flower making           and manicure. Social counselling sessions were also provided to partners to help them tackle the stress they might be facing because of their family life and social matters.